Sealing equipment is intended for applying two component flexible sealing material on different surfaces. Material on polyurethane base is used for sealing. Mainly, this sealing technology is used to seal electric cabinets and different housings.  

Such sealing system is much more resistant to influence of physical and chemical impact, for example in high temperature fluctuations the sealing and insulation properties don’t change. Temperature may fluctuate from -40C° to +120C° and shortly also even to +160C°.


  • sealing is flexible, no remaining deformation;
  • decreased water admitting;
  • good stability on metal and died surfaces;
  • sealing process can be performed quickly because applying rate is 20-30 m/min at good foam quality;
  • sealing may be applied at different heights and widths;
  • sealing can be applied very precisely in different forms both on plane and in grooves.

Sizes of the material to be sealed should not exceed 2500x1150x350mm.