Powder coating


The company has installed a power coating line that ensures wholesome processing of metal products in quantities and in higher quality that corresponds to corrosion protection category C4 (high) according to the standard ISO 12944.

Coating of so died metal parts is much more resistant to influence of environment (corrosion) and mechanical damages. Coating is suitable for the climate with industrial contamination and maritime climate with high salt content.

Technological process ensures coating of parts with powder paint on polyetheric or epoxy polyetheric resin for external and internal operation. Before applying the power paint, the material is rinsed with alkali liquid, zinc phosphatization and passivization.

Parts are dried and covered with polyester (external use) or polyester + epoxy (indoor use). The paint polymerizes under 180°C and hard, stable and resistant coating is formed that is shock-proof, resistant to unfavourable environment and conditions (also ultraviolet light).