Housing type: metal

Maintenance: external
Unom : 12 kV or 24 kV

Transformer chamber:

Hermetic oil transformer Smax – 1000 kVA, 10(20)/0,42 kV, maximum transformer dimension – 2100x1450x2380 mm.

Low voltage distribution:

Inlet: Automated switch In – 1600A with electronic release
Sectioning Fuse switch In – 1250A with NH-4a gabarit fuse inserts


Load switch In– 1600 A.

Protective switch In– 1600 A with electronic release


Fuse switches In – 400A with NH-2 gabarit fuse inserts


Fuse switch In – 160A with NH-00 gabarit fuse inserts

Fuse switches In – 630A with NH-3 gabarit fuse inserts