JSC Energofirma ‘Jauda’ celebrates its 55th anniversary



JSC Energofirma ‘Jauda’ celebrates its 55th anniversary


On June 1, joint stock company (JSC) Energofirma ‘Jauda’ was celebrating its 55th anniversary. The company is the sector leader in Latvia and one of the biggest companies in the entire Baltic region. During the last 3 years the company has invested more than 1.5 million euros into production devel-opment. Over 17 million euros have been paid in taxes during the last 10 years.
Since its foundation, ‘Jauda’ has been producing products for energetics and electrification including compact substations, low and medium voltage equipment, metal constructions and metal ware. During it more than semi centennial history ‘Jauda’ has managed ensuring production of modern products suitable for each particular decade. Its production gets exported to such countries as Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Belarus, Moldova, and Russia.
‘The key to the success of JSC Energofirma ‘Jauda’ is the quality of the pro-duction and delivered services the company has been providing that is en-sured by continuous and targeted investments into modernisation of the pro-duction, development of innovative and exportable products as well as the professional growth of the employees. All of that has allowed the company to successfully overcome crises without decreasing in the employment numbers, the market share and the profit,’ stresses the chair of the company board Jānis Šimins.
‘Jauda’ has given a serious contribution to the development of the energetics sector and the entire economy of Latvia. Within the last 10 years the company has paid to the state more than 17 million EUR of taxes. Since 2012 ‘Jauda’ has been enrolled in the ‘Extended Cooperation Programme’ of the Ministry of Finances and the State revenue Service. The company enjoys high apprecia-tion amongst the professionals as well. A new model substation designed by ‘Jauda’ was granted the second place at the ‘Export and Innovation Award 2008’ competition organised by the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia (EM). The company has also received the EM ‘Export and Innovation Award 2014’ in the nomination of ‘Industrial Design’ for design of a substa-tion in Riga, creative district ‘Spikeri’, and a distinction in competition ‘Im-port Substitute Product’ for its product ‘Fuse Disconnector DA24’.
JSC Energofirma ‘Jauda’ was established on June 1, 1961, when under the wing of the Energoconstruction Trust of the Latvian SSR a factory of mechan-ics was founded. In August 1967 this factory was renamed the experimental electric construction factory ‘Jauda’ that was to produce switching substations for the power system of Latvia. In in the early 1990s the company was reor-ganised and on August 2, 1991 the employees of the company established JSC ‘Jauda’.

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